Lee's Guns

Lee's Guns is a Veteran owned, family friendly, firearms dealer in Olathe, KS. A few years ago Lee was looking for a gun that felt "just right" to Monica. After visiting numerous gun shops and being ignored, or worse yet greeted by rude staff, Lee decided to become a gun dealer. His first priority was exceptional customer service and the business has grown rapidly. Today, our first priority remains exceptional customer service. We have chosen "We Serve Those Who Protect" as our motto. This motto is very important to us because it shows our support for all of the men and women in the armed forces and the public servants here at home. If you or an immediate family member have chosen to lead this path in life we applaud you for your sacrifices. However, our motto extends beyond these professionals to each and every individual who has made the decision to arm themselves and be prepared to protect their families from becoming victims.