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Head Instructor - Lee

I grew up on a farm in rural Kansas and my earliest child hood memories revolve around my dad teaching me to hunt and fish.  We also used firearms for pest control around the farm.  During high school I became involved in the 4-H Shooting Sports Program.  Initially I was on the rifle team, but then I became a certified coach and then a certified instructor.  I also became an instructor for the Kansas Hunter Safety Program.  After high school I joined the Army where I learned several new ways to use a rifle.  Then I started a career in law enforcement where I recieved extensive training on self defense, use of force and Kansas law.  

I currently hold instructor certifications issued by the NRA, State of Kansas, Simuntion FX Training Systems, and IACP.  I have several different instructor development courses and studied adult learning theory.  It is my goal to be the best instructor I can be, every single time I teach.  

Sometimes that means recognizing I can't do it on my own.  Some of the classes I teach require multiple instructors either due to the material being present or number of students present.  When I need assistance I have several individuals that I call on to assist me.  They all have years of experience not only teaching, but practicing the priciples they teach.

Wes - A retired police officer spent several years as a school resource officer and tactical support member.  Wes is very down to earth and loves to help others learn.

Ryan - A paramedic with numerous instructor certifications, Ryan brings a lot of first aid information to the table.

Steffan - One of the owners of Frontline Defense, Steffan is a great instructor.  He has shot professionally and is my go to person when it comes to high speed, low drag pistol techniques.  

Available Classes

These are the classes that I regularly put on.  I am also available for individual or small group lessons taylored to your needs. Please email for information regarding class dates or to schedule an individual class

Kansas CCW Course

This 8 hour course will satisfy the training requirement when applying for a Kansas Concealed Carry Permit. Classes are held the second Saturday of every month starting at 9am. A limit of 12 seats are available per class. Topics of study include selecting, handling, carrying, shooting, cleaning and storing a self defense handgun. In addition students will learn about Kansas laws regarding firearms, criminal acts and self defense. There is also a live fire exercise which will be conducted on an outdoor range, please dress accordingly. All materials required for this course will be available for students to use free of charge. You may bring your own eye/ear protection, gun and ammo but they are not required. Lunch will be provided.

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Self Defense In and Around a Vehicle

As the good guys, we do not get to select when or where we are forced to fight for our lives or the lives of our loved ones. In addition we are always reacting to a threat, and we all know action beats reaction. There won't always be time to obtain the perfect shooting stance, and even if there is time, doing so may put us at a disadvantage.

So it is incumbent upon each of us to take steps to ensure we can shoot effectively from the positions we spend the majority of our time in. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle this is the class for you.

During this course we will take a look at

  • Drawing from inside a vehicle, both sides
  • What to do with your seat belt
  • Firing out of the side windows
  • Shooting across a passenger/driver
  • Firing through the windshield
  • What happens when you shoot through glass
  • Effective use of a vehicle as cover
  • Fixing malfunctions
  • Reloading

You must be 18 years of age to take this class. You need to bring a defensive handgun, appropriate holster, at least two magazines and 150 rounds of ammunition (or be prepared to buy some of our very reasonably priced ammo.)

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Force on Force (FX1)

Force on Force (FX1) is the beginning of a series of courses offered by Lee’s Gun which will put you in a simulated fight for your life. Using certified safety equipment and specially modified pistols that shoot marking rounds which will not injure you we place you in the most realistic training possible. This type of training has been used by law enforcement and military for years and proven to be very beneficial; however, up until recently it was not available on the civilian market. Now you have the chance to test your equipment, set up, skills, methods and decision making process in a safe environment.

Safety – This course will put you under significant amounts of stress. You may find yourself running short distances and moving in ways you are not used to. Every scenario has two safety officers with years of experience who will call the scenario if anything becomes unsafe. The equipment used is specially manufactured to ensure there are no injuries. The firearms used are modified so they will chamber a special 9mm cartridge with an attached .25 caliber marking round (paint ball). This helps to ensure that a live round cannot be accidentally chambered. In addition we forbid any live ammunition, outside firearms or other weapons in the training area. Safety checks are conducted to ensure this policy is followed and instructors observe the loading of every marking round. These and other safety measures help to ensure this course provides realistic training in a safe environment.

Force on Force (FX1) will cover the following

  • Kansas laws regarding use of force
  • Pros and Cons of the most common carry positions and methods
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Drawing and firing when you do not have enough distance to draw and shoot normally
  • Malfunctions
  • Firearms retention/control
  • How, when and where to move
  • How and when to go on the offensive
  • What to do after you have been involved in an encounter
  • Basic first aid with an emphasis on self-administered trauma care

In order to take Force on Force (FX1) you should be comfortable carrying and shooting a pistol. Due to the special modifications that are necessary for safety, costing several hundred dollars per gun you must use one of our guns during the course. Bring your holster and anything else (no knives) you carry on a daily basis. If your holster will not work we have an assortment of different holsters that you can use.

The scenario portion of this course REQUIRES long sleeves, long pants and the use of our safety equipment. We also STRONGLY recommend the use of shooting gloves that allow you to manipulate the firearm.

In order to ensure the best learning environment there is a strict limit of six students per class. Please contact us regarding the next available date.

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